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Prioritization of whole-exome data by random-walk analysis of protein-protein interactions

VCF File Upload

The Exome Walker server requires the user to upload a VCF file representing the variants called from a whole exome sequencing experiment.

VCF File Format

The Exome Walker accepts files in valid VCF 4.0 format (read about this format at the 1000 Genomes Project website).

VCF files often contain data for just a single sample representing a patient in whom the causative disease gene is being sought. On the other hand, it is becoming common to sequence several members of a family and to use simple pedigree filtering to reduce the search space. If you upload a VCF file with data for multiple samples, ExomeWalker will automatically detect this and will present a page with a field to enter data from a PED file that represents the family structure of the samples to be analyzed. See "PED FIles: How-To" from the Tutorial menu to find out more about these files and the required format.

VCF files are stored as temporary files on our server and deleted following analysis once the user navigates away from our website.