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Revision: 5368
  1. fix more obsolete annotations (detail)
  2. fix obsolete annotations (detail)
  3. fix error<br><br>closes (detail)
  4. Added OMIM:618143 with frequencies. (detail)
  5. beginning curation of PIGS (detail)
  6. updating annotations (detail)
  7. Merge branch &#039;master&#039; of (detail)
  8. Updating hpoannotQC version (detail)
  9. Update OMIM:223350 (detail)
  10. Adding new annotation file (detail)
  11. added additional annotations to OMIM:140850 (detail)
  12. Deleted Periodic hyperkalemic paralysis from OMIM:170400 (detail)
  13. added Hemimegalencephaly to diseases.&nbsp; Close #239 (detail)
  14. Update Loeys-Dietz with Eosinophilic infiltration of the esophagus. (detail)
  15. Updating labels (detail)
  16. Update OMIM:154500, OMIM:200300, OMIM:600252, OMIM:601471, OMIM:610090 #214 (detail)
  17. Updated feature (detail)
  18. fix broken PMID curie (detail)

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