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Revision: 5651
  1. Updating makefile for new HpoAnnotQC (detail)
  2. some error corrections (detail)
  3. adding annotation file for 618564 (detail)
  4. revising (detail)
  5. updated too general annotation (detail)
  6. adding annotations (detail)
  7. add annotation for OMIM:618550 (detail)
  8. add annotations for OMIM:618546 (detail)
  9. add annotations to OMIM:618513 (detail)
  10. add annotations to OMIM:618498 (detail)
  11. add annotations for OMIM:618462 (detail)
  12. add annotations for OMIM:618433 (detail)
  13. add annotations for OMIM:618433 (detail)
  14. add new annotations for OMIM:618422 (detail)
  15. add additional annotations for OMIM:618420 (detail)
  16. add new annotations to OMIM;618372 (detail)
  17. add new annotations to OMIM;618372 (detail)
  18. add annotation to OMIM:400047 (detail)
  19. add new annotation to OMIM:101805 (detail)
  20. annotation updates fuzzy + curated (detail)
  21. updating various annotations (detail)
  22. removing obsoleted/moved entries (detail)
  23. up (detail)
  24. update existing annotations September 2019 (detail)
  25. 84 new entries september 2019 (detail)
  26. Merge branch 'master' of (detail)
  27. use tabs! (detail)

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